«Modul LTD» Armored system
Commercial proposal: Bulletproof glass

«BR-1 class»

protection against firing 9 mm. АPS with 57-Н-181 С rounds. Thickness (mm): 19,5 … 20,0 Weig
ht (kg/m2): 102. Price (USD/m2): from 230

«BR-2 class»

protection against firing 9 mm СR-1 with 7Н28 rounds. Thickness (mm): 28,5 … 29,0 Weight (kg/m2): 133. Price (USD/m2): from 330.

«BR-3 class»

protection against firing 9 mm PJ with 7Н21 rounds. Thickness (mm): 37,5 …38, Weight (kg/m2): 152. Price (USD/m2): from 370.

«BR-4 class»

protection against firing 5,45 mm Kalashnikov sub-machinegun with 7 Н10 rounds, 7,62 mm Kalashnikov sub-machinegun with 57- Н-231 rounds (bullet with heat strengthened core). Thickness (mm): 73,0 … 74,0 Weight (kg/m2): 233. Price (USD/m2): from 620.


Its products correspond to H0 — V classes of anti-burglary protection. Prefabricated demountable constructions joined by means of bolt connection. At the entrance to the safe deposit room a protective armoured door.

Vault (Safe deposit room)

Safe vault for valuables is an armoured bank area resistant to burglary (V-VII classes of antiburglary protection). Doors (USD/m2): from 11 000 \\ Panels (USD/m2): from 250 In front of the entrance to the safe vault for valuables an armoured door; it is equipped with a locking mechanism of steering-girder type, as well as with two safe locks of increased security.

Armored covers for the territories protections

Its products correspond to 4 class of booletproof protection. Resistance to a single blasting charge equivalent. Price: from 16 600 USD. The range of protective structures of the company is represented by wall panels, ceiling panels, armoured doors, transfer units, sliding and hinged bar screens, trays, cash collector lock-chambers and other protective products and components.

Blastproof and bulletresistance complex

Its products correspond to 3 — 6 classes of booletproof protection. Resistance to a single blasting charge equivalent to 500 g. of TNT Price: from 14 000 USD Blastproof and bulletresistance complex protection «Module 500 BB/3» consisting of the security booth (or block of several cabs) for the passage of personnel and/or visitors and the adjoining cabins guard post is a proprietary development of the company and can be used by both private and government agencies to ensure the safety input group object or territory